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Chef Tim

Shares the latest on market inspired cuisines, what Peloton is up to, where we’ve been and photos of all of our food and stunning events. Read along and let us answer any questions you may have or help you plan your next event!


Some of the winery events we do….

One of our most exciting events of the year: The Trione + Peloton Winter Winemaker Dinner, it was breathtaking.

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Thumbprint Winemaker Dinner

 09 29 12_3710.jpg 09 29 12_3717.jpg 09 29 12_3727.jpg

 Our events can be done right in the vineyards: night or day. We prepare our meals right there on site!

Rodney Strong lunch in the vineyards overlooking Alexander Valley~

06 14 12_Santa Cruz_1907.jpg 06 14 12_Santa Cruz_1912.jpg 06 14 12_Santa Cruz_1913.jpg

Trione Vineyards Winemaker Dinner~

An evening with wild boar and domestic cooked all day in a Caja China. A beautiful family style meal with all of the local ingredients Sonoma County has to offer and a beautifully created dessert with a hint of “smoke” to continue with the theme of the night.

DSC_0083.jpg DSC_0098.jpg DSC_0108.jpg DSC_0110.jpg DSC_0155.jpg

Events at Rodney Strong Vineyards:

09 27 12_Giants Game & Judges Dinner_3220

09 27 12_Giants Game & Judges Dinner_3266

09 27 12_Giants Game & Judges Dinner_3222


We take pride in what we do, down to every little detail. We enjoy the food we serve….

06 02 12_BBall OFTB_1687
Chilled heirloom tomato bisque with a st. George cheese panini bite
Nonie’s Meatballs
A play on mac n’ cheese, good for kids and adults!

Table set-up for fall
A fall dinner in wine country






















Fresh tomato salad












Wine Country S’more: cranberry shortbread cookie with a vanilla toasted marshmallow and chardonnay gastrique