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Peloton Chocolate Truffles

Peloton Culinary’s TCHO chocolate truffles have been a client favorite for sometime now. They pair very well with big, bold red wines, and they are the perfect treat for after dinner or as a gift for your bridal parties.

Ask about these chocolatey treats for your winery retail shop, to sell in your brewery taproom, or for an event you are planning.

Peloton's TCHO Chocolate Truffles (Photo by Chef Patrick Tafoya)

Peloton’s TCHO Chocolate Truffles (Photo by Chef Patrick Tafoya)

Our Food

Some of the fun things we do. We use all local ingredients. We source from the best producers and gardens. We have the culinary talent to create fun, exciting dishes to blow your mind. We love trying new things and making farm fresh, unique menu items for our clients.

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