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https://pelotoncatering.com/Chef Tim Vallery: Culinary Artisan of Sonoma

Chef Tim Vallery, the visionary behind Peloton Culinary & Catering, is a celebrated figure in Sonoma’s culinary scene. A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Chef Vallery has enriched the Bay Area’s food culture with his innovative approach and commitment to farm-to-table cuisine. His career, marked by notable stints at the Marriott and Hilton hotels, has culminated in the creation of Peloton, a culinary enterprise that epitomizes the fusion of local flavors with exquisite dining experiences. Under his guidance, Peloton has become synonymous with impeccable events that showcase the best of Sonoma’s produce, wine, and craft beer. Chef Vallery’s dedication to the community and local sustainability makes every Peloton event a testament to quality and passion.





A man, woman, two children and a dog on a beachNikki Dotti – Hospitality Director
Nikki Dotti brings over a decade of expertise to her role as Hospitality Director at Peloton Culinary & Catering. With remarkable attention to detail and superior organizational skills, her hospitality prowess is ideally suited to the demands of wine country events. Alongside her professional role, Nikki nurtures a passion for creativity through her business, Dotti Designs, where she crafts unique Mickey Ears for Disney enthusiasts. When she’s not orchestrating unforgettable events, she dedicates her time to her family, including her husband Cam, who assists at events between managing their family dairy, and their two children, Dean and baby-Kate.






Jessie Vallery – Marketing Director and Wedding Coordination Specialist
Jessie Vallery is a dynamic force in both marketing and event planning. At the helm of her own marketing and advertising agency, she empowers small businesses to reach their full potential. Additionally, Jessie leverages her extensive expertise to coordinate weddings, seamlessly blending her talents with her husband’s catering business to craft dream weddings. Her work not only enhances business growth but also brings joy and bespoke elegance to special celebrations.



Let us bring the warmth of our family to your next gathering, creating a culinary experience that celebrates the best of Sonoma and the essence of community.